China Refuses to Acknowledge Joe Biden's Victory in US Elections, Russia Maintains Silence

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Beijing, November 9: Russia and China, the two countries with which the United States is considered to share frictional ties, have refrained from lauding Joe Biden's victory in the US presidential elections 2020. While Moscow has maintained an eerie silence, Beijing decided not to acknowledge Biden's victory for now. US President-Elect Joe Biden Should Consider Doha Agreement, Says Taliban.

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A statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday stated that the winner of US presidential elections would be decided based on the "laws and procedures" in America.

"Our understanding is that the outcome of the election will be determined in accordance with US laws and procedures," said Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin was reported as saying.

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The statement came a day after US President Donald Trump reiterated that he is prepared for a long haul and "the election is far from over".

Russia, which over the four years was accused of abetting Trump's victory in 2016, has maintained an unnatural silence over Biden's win. Neither the Office of President Vladimir Putin nor the country's foreign ministry has issued any statement so far.

Iran, another natin with which the US shares adversarial ties, refrained from congratulating Biden but acknowledged the poll results by mocking Trump. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the post-poll chaos exposes the "political, civil, and moral decline of the US regime".

Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian President, said Tehran would cautiously watch how Biden differs from Trump in his geo-political policies. "Trump’s damaging policy has been opposed by the American people. The next US administration should use the opportunity to make up for past mistakes," he said.

Among other countries, the government of Mexico has also refrained to issue a reaction on the US election results so far. Among world leaders, Maldives President Ibrahim Solih was the first to react, as he congratulated Biden within 24 minutes after US media networks declared him the winner on Saturday.