China Orders 3-Year Prison for Hong Kong Activists Who Tried Fleeing to Taiwan Amid National Security Law Row

Team Latestly
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Beijing, December 30: The Chinese judicial authority on Wednesday announced three years in prison for Hong Kong activists who were caught fleeing to Taiwan using speedboat. The convicts were apprehended in August, when the autonomous island was in upheaval over the Hong Kong National Security Law passed by Beijing.

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A couple of activists, among those who attempted to escape to the island-nation, faced a slew charges for their involvement in the agitation against the passage of National Security Law -- the legislation which allows China to extradite political activists in Hong Kong to the mainland. US State Department Says 70% Chinese Companies with Military Ties Included in Major Global Indices.

The Hong Kongers were arrested enroute to Taiwan by the Chinese national security guard. They were kept in detention at the southern city of Shenzhen over the past 100 days. Earlier today, they were convicted, with a fine ranging from $1,000-$1,500.

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A total of 10 activists were held by the coast guard, but eight among them were found guilty of illegally crossing the border to travel to Taiwan. They were handed over a seven-month prison term by Yantian's People's Court. The remaining two were convicted of organising the illegal border crossing and slapped with a three-year jail term.

Taiwan, located at around 700 kilometres away from the nearest Chinese coastal point, is considered as an escape point for activists who are under the radar of Beijing. The nation, whose sovereignty is not recognised by China, is home to an array of defectors from Tibet and Hong Kong.