'China incursions due to perceptional differences'

New Delhi: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday accepted in the Lok Sabha that transgressions occur from both sides on the India-China border on many occasions but clarified that it happens only because of "perceptional differences" between the two countries on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

However, the minister said that "no one should be worried about the security of the country with these incidents as Indian forces are promptly manning the border and are ready to deal with any challenges."

He was responding to a query by Congress leader of the House Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury who raised the issue in Zero Hour, asking "why the government does not react to Chinese incursion similar to what we do with Pakistan? Why do we fear from China while Indian forces are not less strong than any country?"

"Our forces are on alert and are securing country's borders with promptness. I want to assure that our forces are also capable of handling any kind of challenges. Anyone should not have doubt on it," the Defence Minister said.

"There are perceptional differences on LAC between India and China and this has been going on for long. They (China) say that their border is at this point while India says that its border is not here but there. The root cause of these differences between the two countries is the absence of real LAC."

The minister mentioned that there are regions on India-China borders which have their own different concepts of LAC.

Because of these concepts, he said, transgressions occur on occasion. "I accept it. On many occasions, PLA (People's Liberation Army) comes in our side and our forces also go their side on some occasions. But, I assure the whole country that nobody should be doubtful about the security of the country."

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