China for first time releases map depicting PoK as part of India in a stern message to Pakistan

Vicky Nanjappa

New Delhi, Nov 30: China seems to have sent out a strong message to Pakistan following last Friday's terror attack on its consulate in Karachi.

China's state run CGTN television excluded Pakistan occupied Kashmir from Pakistan's map for the first time. The maps were shown during the reporting of the terror attack at Karachi.

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It is still not known whether this was a deliberate move by China. However the television channel does not allow its staff to tinker as it uses fixed templates for maps. It appears as though this is a directive that has come from the higher authorities and was deliberate in nature.

While Islamabad is yet to react to the broadcast, it is to be seen if this was a move by China to gauge a response from Pakistan. The Chinese have very often used its state run media to test the waters.

Maps that have been officially released by China have never in the past shown PoK as part of India. Books and magazines that show maps which differ from Beijing's official view have been blocked. Hence this map that was shown by by CGTN appears to have the approval of the top authorities.

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This move comes just two weeks ahead of the joint drill to be conducted by the militaries of India and China on December 10. Further it could also have an implication on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, which India has raised strong concerns about. China it may be recalled had heavily invested in infrastructure projects in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

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