China establishing drone bases for marine surveillance

Indo Asian News Service

Beijing, Oct 21 (IANS) At least two drone bases will be established in China's Liaoning province for real time surveillance on coastal waters, Xinhua reported.

According to the provincial government's oceanic and fishing department, one of the bases will be built on a land reclamation lot in the coastal city of Yingkou to cover the 30,116 squrae miles Bohai Sea area, the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea on the coast of northeastern and north China.

The other will be constructed in Dalian city to cover parts of the Yellow Sea within the province's jurisdiction.

These bases would feature high-definition remote-sensing in marine surveillance, especially for quick response to emergency situations. They could also be used to identify illegal land reclamation activities and sand dredging, and monitor marine environments along the coast and on islets.

Earlier, a report said, China was planning to build 11 drone bases for marine surveillance along the country's coastline by 2015 and at least one drone would be stationed at each base.

According to the State Oceanic Administration, the use of pilotless aircraft in remote-sensing marine surveillance is relatively flexible, low-cost and efficient compared with the performance of satellite remote sensing, aerial remote sensing and field monitoring.