China Covid cover-up confirmed; Huge revelation by top virologist | Dr Li Meng Yah Exclusive

More proof filing on that covid-19 virus was, in fact, a result of a lab leak in China, and there was a cover-up at play. Chinese virologist who was among the 1st to claim the leak in Wuhan has now made a stunning disclosure. She has come forward to state that US infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci claimed that her story was right about a man-made lab leak citing a key email trail from 2020. A chorus has been growing to hold china accountable for the havoc haunting the world for the past 2 years. The Chinese Virologist Dr Li Meng Yah has brandished US advisors Dr Fauci’s 2020 emails that confirm her theory behind the Covid-19 spread. Watch! # ChinaCovidLinkCharge