China Battling Fresh COVID-19 Outbreak in Shijiazhuang, Video Shows Exhausted Medics Falling Asleep on Parcels and Chairs

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Beijing, January 10: In visuals reminiscent of the early COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, healthcare workers in China's Shijiazhuang were seen completely exhausted as they have been working round the clock to contain another round of transmission. A video shared by state news agency Xinhua shows the medics finding few minutes of sleep on chairs and parcel boxes. China Seals Off Shijiazhuang and Xingtai in Hebei Province to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission to Other Cities.

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The medical workers, dressed in full-body hazmat suits laid down on parcel boxes to relieve themselves of the stress. The health department in northern Hebei province has maximised tests and has isolated symptomatic and asymptomatic patients to prevent another wave of infections.

Watch Video of Exhausted Chinese Medics Sleeping on Parcels and Chairs

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As per the last update, the Hebei province has so far reported 127 new active cases, along with 183 asymptomatic infections. Most of the new infections have been reported in Shijiazhuang, whereas, nine new cases were reported in Xingtai.

On Friday, the Chinese government imposed a travel ban on residents of Shijiazhuang and Xingtai. Nearly 7 million residents based in the two cities are barred from visiting other towns, till the coronavirus crisis subsides in the region.

The recent spree of cases in China include infections linked to the "UK new strain. "The outbreak was imported from abroad, but the exact origins are currently under in-depth investigation by state, provincial and municipal experts," said Li Qi, head of the Hebei Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.