China is attacking fundamentals of Uyghur family life in Xinjiang, says expert

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London [UK], October 20 (ANI): Communist authorities in Xinjiang are hitting out at the basic unit of family to bring in demographic changes in the region.

Peter Franklin an Associate Editor of UnHerd, policy advisor, and speechwriter on environmental and social issues writes in, "Communist authorities are attacking the fundamentals of family life of Uyghurs by forced abortion and sterilisation."

The insecure dragon has been continuing with the abusive policy of garrisoning Han Chinese majority in Uyghur homes which leads to a rapid collapse in Uyghur birth rates ultimately changing the demography of the region. The same tactics were applied by the Chinese authorities in Tibet too.

"The family policy practiced in Xinjiang is not to create a new society, but to destroy an old one," said Peter.

The Economist too revealed a massive expansion in boarding school dormitories. While the rate of growth is low and declining in the rest of China it is accelerating in Xinjiang. That's because the mass internment of Uyghur adults is effectively orphaning Uyghur children and thus leaving them as wards of the Chinese state, stated the UnHerd.

The communist always believed that the traditional family was a vestige of the old order, an obstacle to the power of the state, and a refuge for bourgeois notions of privacy. They tried to break it by portraying nuclear family as oppressive, but the game changes when in a society the parents are the primary caregivers to their children.

Xinjiang society is a major obstacle to this totalitarian dream of complete collectivisation of the dragon.

The Chinese government has been admonished world-over for its repressive measures against the ethnic Uyghurs like mass detention, mass surveillance, restriction of religious and cultural identities, as well as other gross human rights abuses. (ANI)

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