In chilling murder caught on cam, man drives over Andhra corporator multiple times

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Kampara Ramesh, a corporator of the Kakinada Municipal Corporation, was killed in the wee hours of Friday, allegedly following a drunken brawl. Shocking CCTV visuals of the incident show Ramesh being repeatedly run over by the accused, Gurajala Chinna and his brother, with his car. The incident took place around 2 am on Friday on Gangaraju Nagar road, in Kakinada Rural area in Andhra Pradesh. A leader of the YSRCP, Ramesh was the corporator of ward 9 of the Kakinada Municipal Corporation. 

According to the police, five men, including Ramesh and two of his friends, along with Chinna and his brother, had been drinking together, when Ramesh and Chinna got into an argument. According to the Sarpavaram police, the accused invited Ramesh to a relative’s birthday party in another location, but Ramesh did not accept the invitation. Chinna then decided to leave and got into his car. When Ramesh couldn’t find his own car keys, police said he stood in the way of Chinna’s car, not allowing him to leave until they found his keys. As Ramesh stood blocking the car, Chinna allegedly drove into him. Though Ramesh’s friends tried to move him, he was repeatedly run over by the car, police said.  

Police said that according to Ramesh’s friends, Chinna and Ramesh also had past differences, which might have triggered the incident. 

The brawl before Ramesh's death 

The CCTV footage of the incident shows Ramesh having a physical altercation with two men, while three others seem to attempt to defuse the tense situation. The two accused are seen getting into a car and starting to leave, when Ramesh is seen standing in their way, refusing to let them leave. The others present at the scene are seen trying to convince Ramesh to move. As the other intervening men briefly move out of the car’s way, the accused are seen abruptly driving ahead, running over Ramesh. 

Corporator Ramesh trying to stop the accused from leaving

Ramesh is then seen collapsed on the road after being hit by the car. Even as Ramesh’s friends tried to move him aside, the car is seen going in reverse and running over him a second time, and then driving over him a third time, before driving away.

The accused seen driving away after running over Ramesh 

Sarpavaram police said that post mortem results are awaited, and the search for the accused is still ongoing. A murder case has been registered against Chinna and his brother under section 302 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code).