Chill Fans, Ranveer Singh’s ‘Notorious Surprise’ Has Nothing To Do With Padmavati

Smrity Sharma
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Chill Fans, Ranveer Singh’s ‘Notorious Surprise’ Has Nothing To Do With Padmavati

Ranveer Singh's recent post makes fans anxious

When is Padmavati releasing? That’s a question every fan of Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor want to be answered. As of now the fate still hangs in balance. However, there have been reports of a new song, based on Ranveer’s Alauddin Khilji character, being all ready for release. No wonder then, when the actor shared a rather cryptic post on his social media account this morning, fans went in frenzy wondering if the new song or something else related to Padmavati awaits them tomorrow.

In his post, the Gully Boy star posted, “A ‘notorious’ surprise coming your way tomorrow Stay Tuned…!” Now, only yesterday, we informed you about when we can expect the announcement of the new release date of the much talked and written about film. It is still waiting for certification and hence, expecting Ranveer to release something related to the film is a little too far-fetched.


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Those who have been following him on social media would know that while Padmavati controversy rages on, the actor is busy endorsing various brands and setting the temperature soaring with some hot magazine photoshoots. More than Padmavati, his post might be a run-up to another ad of a brand he endorses or a new photoshoot that he is all set to unveil tomorrow. An industry source is also of the opinion that we may not see a new trailer or picture or song from the movie till it doesn’t get CBFC certified. “Bhansali has already irked some people unknowingly and now, going ahead promoting something related to the film instead of waiting for a green signal from the board or the parliamentary panel would further worsen the situation. He knows better than to get into deeper, murky waters with Padmavati,” he opined.

So fans, sorry for bursting your bubble but you still have some wait ahead of you till your social media timeline is flooded with Padmavati again. But aren’t we sure that the period film will be worth the wait?