Children should be stopped from using Internet, says father of Lucknow stand-off's accused

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Mar. 9 (ANI): The father of the accused in the Lucknow stand-off Saifullah, who refused to accept his son's body, after he was killed by police in connection with the Bhopal-Ujjain train blast, on Thursday urged parents to constantly keep a track of the activities of their children and prevent them from accessing the internet and mobile phones.

The father, Sartaj, has said that strict vigilance at the early stage can help their children from getting "corrupted".

"It is necessary for parents to take care of their children. To ward off all evils, parents must track their children's movements, because they are getting corrupted due to the internet and mobile phones. I see so many Muslim boys carrying phones, watching videos and using WhatsApp which is corrupting their mind. If the government wants, they can take strict action. I strongly believe that the internet is corrupting people's mind," Sartaj told ANI.

Sartaj was, recently, in news after he declared Saifullah to be a 'traitor' and refused to accept his body.

Saifullah was killed in Lucknow in an exchange of fire with the police after a 12-hour stand-off. (ANI)