Chernobyl Photo Shoots Are the In Thing According to Instagram Influencers After HBO Show's Popularity; Gets Mocked by Social Media Users

Nithya Nair
While the disaster happened in 1986, the location of the nuclear reactor became popular after SKY UK/HBO miniseries Chernobyl.

Austrian Instagram influencer Julia Baessler has garnered severe criticisms on social media for posting pictures from nuclear accident zone Chernobyl in Ukraine. While the disaster happened in 1986, the location of the nuclear reactor became popular after SKY UK/HBO miniseries Chernobyl. The series traces what led to the catastrophic nuclear accident on April 26, 1986, in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near the city of Pripyat in the north of the Ukrainian SSR. Julia Baessler is not the only one to be called insensitive, but a slew of Instagrammers who posed in front of charred down buildings, road signs and giant wheel like it were a photo-friendly zone. ‘You Want to See Dead People?' Viral Video Shows German Police Schooling Drivers Taking Videos of a Fatal Autobahn Crash.

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Pictures of social media influencers smiling posing for rusty bridges and broken homes have angered the internet. Pictures of people wearing a hazmat suit, helmet, white coat have left the social media users furious. One picture of a half naked wearing a G-string particularly angered internet users. People attacked the Instagrammers calling them 'stupid', 'opportunistic', 'dumb', 'disrespectful' asking them to be better-informed individuals. One of the comments on the picture read, "People died there in a very horrific way - have some respect." Australian Instagram Model Accused of Swimming in 'Sacred' Natural Springs in New Zealand, Rubbishes Claim (See Pictures)

Here are the pictures:

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The pictures continue to grab criticisms:

The worst ever nuclear disaster killed around two lakh people according to a Greenpeace study. People as far as 4,000km were affected the radiation from the nuclear reactor during a failed testing. However, decades later, a show on it has made it emerge as a tourist spot. Local travel agencies say that bookings in the area have increased by 40 percent. The Risks Behind Perfect Instagram Pictures! 5 Instabloggers Including Kelly and Kody Who Got Slammed For Going Overboard With Their Photos.

Julia has visited the power plant and part of the surrounding exclusion zone more than once in recent months. During her last trip to Russia in May, she was given access to the control room No. 4 reactor, which exploded leading to the disaster. Julia had clicked pictures inside the control room and posted it on her Instagram account, but deleted after a viral tweet about influencers "flocking" to Chernobyl.

Following which Craig Mazin, the writer of HBO's hit series 'Chernobyl' tweeted that he had "seen the photos going around" and urged people to remember the "terrible tragedy" that happened there. Meanwhile, Julia said that her visit to the nuclear plant is not related to the HBO show and that he had gone there before the show was aired.