Chennai police inspector shot dead by robber in Rajasthan

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Chennai police inspector shot dead by robber in Rajasthan

A Chennai police inspector was shot dead while trying to nab robbers in Rajasthan's Pali district on Wednesday.

Periapandiyan, a 48-year-old Chennai police inspector, was trying to nab robbers along with a police team in Rajasthan's Pali district, when he was gunned by a robber with his own gun on Wednesday.

The team led by Periapandiyan in Pali were planning to nab the robber and take him to Chennai. The robber was wanted in a case of robbery of 4 kgs of gold. He was nabbed by the police team from Chennai which was on the lookout for him.

Chennai police visited Pali district's Jaitaran area fifteen days ago as well and questioned suspect Nathuram's relatives. A few days ago, Chennai police received information that Nathuram had arrived in Pali to meet his family members.

The police team arrived on Tuesday and kept on searching for him till late in the night. Early in the morning, Chennai police got hold of Nathuram in a brick kiln located on Ramawas road. The police had received information that he was planning to flee from there.

While inspector Periapandiyan was bringing the robber out of the kiln, he got hold of the inspector's service revolver tied to his belt and shot him in the head. By the time the inspector was taken to hospital, he was already dead.

The robber ran away after shooting at the police inspector. Police has been searching for him in the entire district. But till now, there has been no information about his whereabouts.

Last month, a gang of bandits looted a jewellery shop at Colathar Marg in Madurawali area. The robbers had created a hole in the roof and decamped with 4 kgs of gold and cash.Soon after, Chennai police received information about Nathuram and his gang's involvement in the robbery.

According to officials, Chennai police did not inform the local district police earlier until Wednesday. Several teams have been formed in search of the absconding robber.