Chennai customs website hacked: Hackers possibly from Pakistan claim to deface site

The website of the Chennai customs department,, was hacked today for several hours and a search of the webpage showed that the site was "SH11 Team Pak cyber skulls".

Slogans demanding a "free Kashmir" and comments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian Army were posted on it.

The message on the portal read "Go Modi Go" and stated that the reason for hacking the website was to spread the message of freedom for Kashmir. The post also read that "Kashmir does not want militarised government".

The site's cached image showed the Indian flag in flames. The police said they had not received any complaint in this regard.

The website was retrieved after two hours and officials are checking on details that were hacked from the website. Investigation on the hack is also said to be underway.

This is not the first time that Chennai customs website is hacked, a few years ago another group of hackers was successful in doing so.