Chennai Autorickshaw Driver Finds Gold Jewelry Worth Rs 20 Lakh, Returns to Police

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Since childhood, we were taught how honesty is the best policy. But how much of it do we really see people implementing in real life?

However, one man from Chennai has emerged as a shining ray of hope after he returned lost gold jewelry worth over Rs 20 lakh to its owner.

According to a report by The Times of India, autorickshaw driver Saravana Kumar was dropping off businessman Paul Bright from Chennai’s Chromepet area after he attended a wedding ceremony on Wednesday. Paul was carrying a bag of gold jewelry with him and was busy talking on the phone throughout his journey. After Kumardropped Paul to his requested location and left, he saw the bag lying on the seat a while later. The autorickshaw driver was clueless about how to contact Paul since he did not have his phone number.

The Times of India report also mentions how Paul was alarmed after he realized that he had left the bag in the autorickshaw. The bag contained 50 gold jewelry items and were supposed to be given to the bride as she left for her in-laws. Paul was quick to register the report of the missing jewelry bag with the Chennai police station. The city police traced the CCTV footage along the route that was taken by Paul’s autorickshaw driver and found Saravana’s vehicle number, reports TOI. The auto was registered under Saravana’s sister’s name and police were ready to leave for her residence when Saravana himself arrived at the station to drop off the jewelry bag. The report mentions that Paul got emotional as he saw the bag being returned by the auto driver himself,which is a rare case of honesty.

The police were quite impressed by Saravana’s thoughtful act asone officer mentioned how it was a rare incident in their field of work. They also felicitated Saravana with a bouquet of flowers and applauded his act. Meanwhile Saravana said that he knows honesty is a virtue that would help him lifelong and he panicked when he saw the bag of gold jewelry, reports The Times of India. The national daily also quoted the Chennai driver saying that he never overcharges his passengers and believes in being truthful to his customers.

There are a few drivers like Saravana who have restored humanity’s faith in honesty. Last year,a rickshaw driver from Pune returned a bag containing Rs 7 lakh to a couple who had earlier left it.