Chennai: Abandoned dog assisting RPF to warn commuters against footboard travelling

Chennai: A stray dog, who was abandoned by her owners, at the Park Town station has become a mini-celebrity amongst daily commuters for barking at commuters who try to cross railway tracks directly.

In an apparent warning gesture, the dog also barks at passengers who are trying to board or deboard the running trains on the platform.

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"I am a commuter of this train for several years. The dog barks on the passengers who tries to board or deboard a running train, and those who are travelling on the footboard.

It also barks on commuters who try to directly cross the railway tracks. It is doing a good job for the public," a daily commuter told ANI here. Other daily commuters who are used to the dog's presence too said that it never caused a problem to the passengers.

The dog, according to the commuters, joins the Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel at the platform and patrols along with them and barks at offenders.