Chennai: 20 men thrash 2 students, 1 man for not standing for national anthem at Kasi theatre

A 59-year-old man was allegedly assaulted in a movie theatre here for not standing up when the National Anthem tune was played on screen in a scene of a film, police said on Monday.The incident took place at a theatre in suburban Goregaon on Wednesday

A group of 20 men thrashed a young man and two woman students in a movie theatre for not standing up for the national anthem before the screening of Chennai 28-II.

The incident occurred at Kasi theatre in Chennais Ashok Nagar during the interval at 11:30am.

According to a report in Times of India, witnesses said that while the anthem played, around nine people remained seated.

According to a report in a leading daily, one of the accused Vijayakumar grabbed Viji - the victim - by the collar and asked him why he did not stand up for the anthem. Following an argument, a group of 20 beat Viji and two students, Sabaritha and Shreela.

TOI quoted Shreela, a law student as saying, "We were harassed and manhandled. They issued life threats and assaulted us. We did not have any intention to show disrespect."

Vijayakumar, a civil service aspirant, said "They were taking selfies when the anthem was being played, which was not welcomed by many of us."

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