Chelsea Handler, Paris Hilton, and other celebs evacuate during L.A. fire

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Chelsea Handler, Paris Hilton, and Jennifer Tilly have evacuated their homes during the Southern California wildfires. (Photo: Getty Images)

As the wildfires roar through Los Angeles, there are mandatory evacuations in some areas, and celebrities are among those getting out of Dodge.

On Wednesday, a fire broke out in Bel-Air, threatening businesses (like the iconic Getty Museum) as well as personal properties (Rupert Murdoch’s vineyard is on fire, according to reports). Celebrities were among the droves fleeing the area — and some took to social media to share the emotional experience with their friends and fans.

Jennifer Tilly shared a photo of herself looking for a hotel room in the midst of the chaos on Wednesday. The actress and poker pro said that she tried four hotels before finding a room.

Chrissy Teigen also had to leave the home she shares with John Legend and their daughter, Luna. “never thought I’d get to actually play what I thought was a hypothetical game of what would you grab if there were a fire,” she wrote. “so far all I have is Luna, some limited edition Oreos and my spike tv award.”

Though she added that they were doing fine — and she thanked firefighters.

Paris Hilton, who was born and raised in Bel-Air, where the Skirball Fire is centered, evacuated her home — which is also home to many animals. She called the events “terrifying” and thanked first responders.

Chelsea Handler tweeted on Wednesday that she had to leave her home as well. Of course, she blamed Trump for it.

Lea Michele told the Hollywood Reporter that she was forced out of her home. “I had 2 minutes to think what I would take, I grabbed my cat and that’s all,” she said. “all you need is to surround yourself with the people you love.”

While we’re not sure if Ariana Grande is impacted by the fires, we know that her mom is. Joan Grande tweeted from Beverly Hills that for the first time in her life, she had to evacuate her home.

Retired tennis pro Pam Shriver, who leaves near the Getty Museum, wrote that she evacuated at 6 a.m. with “3 kids, Housekeeper, 2 hamsters 1 dog, electronics, passports, wallet.”

Soap star Greg Vaughan also escaped with his children.

Tom Arnold didn’t say he evacuated, but he noted that his neighbor The Godfather producer Albert S. Ruddy had, which meant it was serious business.

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