Cheese helped Romans win war while bacon defeated Nazis

Washington, Aug 26 (ANI): Food writer Troy Johnson has revealed that cheese is not only one of the tastiest foods invented by man, but it was also one of the greatest weapons of war in the ancient world.

Johnson is the host of a new show called "Crave" debuting August 29 on the Food Network that explains the bizarre origins of some popular foods.

"The Romans invented the cheese wheel and used to roll them along with everything else when they were doing battle," AOL News quoted Johnson, as telling HuffPost Weird News.

"They think this is why the Romans were able to kick everyone's asses in Europe.

"Since cheese doesn't spoil very easily, they always had a hunk of protein-and-fat-jammed energy source tucked up their man-skirts. Other armies' food would spoil, leaving them weak and hungry. The cheese-eating Romans kicked their ass," he revealed.

Some information Johnson learned while filming the nine-episode series wasn't as appetizing.

"The bacteria used to make limburger cheese, brevibacterium, is the same bacteria on human skin that causes body odour," he said.

On the other hand, Johnson said that doing the show gave him even more respect for bacon - not that he needed any more.

"During World War II, people could turn in their bacon grease in exchange for food coupons," he said.

"The government would take the bacon grease and turn it into explosives. That's because bacon contains glycerol, which becomes nitroglycerine and TNT. So Bacon defeated the Nazis," the writer stated. (ANI)