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Checking in: Unique Airbnb picks of the week

It may look like an ordinary apartment from the outside, but for $53 you can stay in a great nerd cave in Lisbon, Portugal.

Checking in: Unique Airbnb picks of the week

Whether it’s obsessing over Jon Snow from Game of Thrones parentage, or lining up to see the next big superhero movie, nerd culture is becoming more and more mainstream.

And while Geek Pride Day was celebrated last weekend, why not embrace your inner geekdom and travel to these uniquely nerdy Airbnbs?

There’s two Nintendo-themed destinations to choose from: One in Lisbon, Portugal and one in Tokyo, Japan.

And there’s a Bag End-inspired home about three hours east of Seattle, Wash.

Click through the gallery for a peek inside.

All photos courtesy of Airbnb.