Check out SRK's stunning 'secret' sports car

Shah Rukh Khan's Morgan

We all know about Shah Rukh Khan's penchant for BMWs. These days, though, his garage is full of Mercedes and BMW sedans, along with a Range Rover Sport SUV. However this article is about a ‘secret’ sports car nestled in his garage — the Morgan Roadster.

A rather unique car in his collection, the Morgan Roadster has been lovingly restored and is displayed at his wife's design store in Mumbai. Morgan is an English sports car maker and known for making its cars out of wood. The construction technique has remained the same over the years, although the engine has been overhauled to meet modern-day requirements. All this makes for a classic sports cars with a vintage look — the car is handmade with 6-7 months required for its manufacturing.

Shahrukh Khan Morgan

The biggest USP of the Morgan is its back-to-basics approach towards motoring. It has only the basics like an air-con with no other luxuries. There is a steering wheel and a few gauges and a manual gearbox, and that’s about it!

The Morgan roadster then is an analogue car in a digital world. The car in SRK's garage has been restored by a well known car-restorer in India. It goes without saying that Morgan cars are extremely cool and this just goes on to show SRK’s classy taste in automobiles.