Most cheaters keep sleeping with their other half during their affair

Alice Sholl
Some cheaters actually end up having more sex with their partners [Photo: Pexel]

You’d think that cheating is easy to spot as your other half would be fully preoccupied with whoever they’re having an affair with.

Not so, according to a recent study.

Cheating website Illicit Encounters quizzed 1,000 of its users and found that two thirds of cheaters keep having sex with their original partners as they carry out their affairs.

Only 15% of participants said they stopped having sex with their partners entirely when cheating, and most of those had stopped having sex with their other halves before the affair anyway.

Only a fifth (21%) had less sex with their spouses, while 64% kept up their usual sex routine.

Only a fifth of adulterers (22%) told their lovers that they are continuing to have sex at home [Photo: Pexels]

A third of cheaters (33%) said they kept up their usual sex routines to avoid rousing suspicion, while four in ten (41%) said that they actually have more sex with their original partners as the excitement of the affair ups their sex drive.

However three quarters (74%) said that sex with the new encounter was better than with their significant other.

And only 22% of cheaters said they told their new lovers they’re still having sex with their partners back home.

A third (33%) were keen to maintain regular sexual routine at home so as not to raise suspicion [Photo: Pexels] spokesman Christian Grant said:  “What this new research shows is that people start having affairs to add some excitement to their lives.

“They are almost certainly still having sex with their spouses but it has become a little dull and routine.

“The excitement of the affairs makes them betters lovers – not just with the person they are cheating with but with their spouse at home.”

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