From chappals, lungi to seat belt; Here are 5 lesser known traffic rules

Simran Kashyap

New Delhi, Sep 13: Riding your two-wheeler riders while wearing chappals, slippers or flip-flops may attract a fine of Rs 1,000. This rule existed under the motor vehicle regulations even before the new traffic rules came into play.

Motor Vehicle Amendment Act

The Motor Vehicle Amendment Act was implemented in India since 01 September 2019. Under the new act, the penalties for traffic rule violations have been increased by a huge margin. For major offences like driving under the influence of alcohol, the penalty stands at Rs 10,000.

Wearing Sandals-Chappals on two-wheelers

The rule that mandates motorcycle riders to be wearing shoes is now being enforced with a penalty of Rs 1,000.

The logic behind this rule is that the rider's legs may slip due to the low grip levels provided by such footwear. Chappals, slippers and flip-flops also lead to slippage of the foot while shifting gears, and hence is unsafe according to the government.

Wearing Lungi

The Uttar Pradesh government is now considering implementing a unique dress code for truck drivers. As per the new rule, the truck drivers wearing lungi and vest (baniyan) while driving will be fined by Rs 2,000. In fact, the truck driver assistants/conductors will also be fined. This rule also existed before the implementation of the amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act.

Without seatbelts

If the driver of any vehicle is found not wearing a seat belt or is carrying passengers which are not wearing seat belts, will be fined Rs 1,000. This is not a new provision but existed even before the new amendments came into play.

Carrying a child on a scooter

Section 128 of the Motor Vehicles Act states that a two-wheeler rider is not allowed to carry more than one passenger in addition to himself and that person should be seated on a seat which is securely fixed to the said vehicle. This section, however, does not specify the case if a couple is riding a two-wheeler with a child. And hence, for now, traffic police is treating the child as a third passenger and hence can issue a challan of Rs 2,000 in this regard.

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