Changes to President's Trophy by PCB a positive move: Yasir Hameed

Karachi, Nov. 16 (ANI): Former Pakistani international cricketer Yasir Hameed has described the changes made by the PCB to the President's Trophy for the current season, which includes disallowing the participation of regional sides, as a positive move.

"It's a good move. It's a tough competition as all the departments are playing. It's not easy for an individual - it's a tough time. The competition levels are increasing and it's a good thing," Pak Passion quoted Hameed, as saying.

"It's more competitive than last season. Last season there were regional teams and departmental teams, and although the departments did play each other, this year only departments are playing each other. It's more competitive from the bowling side," he added.

Hameed, who has accumulated almost 10,000 first-class runs over more than 15 years in domestic cricket, said that Kookaburra balls, which the PCB decided to use this year after receiving complaints about the quality of the locally-manufactured balls, are likely to be easier for the batsmen to negotiate.

"There is greater advantage for the bowlers because the wickets are suiting them, alongside the ball they're using," he said.

"The Grays cricket ball helps the bowlers a lot and I think there is greater advantage for the bowlers. The seam on the ball is machined on the Grays ball. As a result it has a raised seam and when it lands on the pitch it moves. For example, where the Kookaburra ball may seam one inch [off the pitch], in comparison the Grays will seam two inches. It's a small advantage for the bowlers but it's enough," he further said. (ANI)