Need to change ways of parenting, old approaches won't work now: Manish Sisodia

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New Delhi, Jun 1 (PTI) Adopting new parenting approaches is significant to improving the emotional well-being of children, especially in times of COVID-19 crisis as old ways of parenting will not work now, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Tuesday.

He said children used to have many social interactions but are now confined to homes and unable to go to school or meet friends.

'Adopting new parenting approaches is significant to improving emotional well-being of our children, especially in times of COVID-19 crisis. A new normal has emerged and our old ways of parenting will not work,” Sisodia said during a webinar to mark Global Parents’ Day.

'When the outside world has been a place for our children to fulfil their dreams, they have been made to sit at home because of this pandemic. In such a time, when children have been home for 1.5 years, parents have been facing new challenges in how to deal with situation at home,' he added.

The webinar was organised by parents and experts to discuss approaches for the emotional well-being of children in times of grave COVID-19 crisis, when parenting has become key as children have been locked up at home with their families.

'A nation which can pull off parenting in a progressive manner, especially in times of crisis and beyond, will emerge holistically and successfully. In India, approaches to parenting are still very archaic. Our ways of parenting needs to change, we need to adopt approaches that will deal with the challenges of our current times,' Sisodai said.

Elaborating on how COVID-19 has caused undue stress on children, the deputy chief minister said, 'Considering our children have been home for an elongated period of time, we can see they have been going through some changes emotionally, mentally and physically. Children are more upset, they are irritable and there is no balance or equilibrium in their mindset. In such times, we as parents have to adopt novel approaches and ensure we create a loving and caring environment for our children. Parents need to adopt habits of mindfulness and be more understanding.” PTI GJS GJS AQS AQS

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