Chandrayaan-2 frenzy sends 'Rajnikant' up a pillar in Prayagraj, "Won't come down till Vikram found

Vishal S

Lucknow, Sep 18: Even as the entire nation eagerly awaits an official report by the ISRO on Chandrayaan-2, a man is said to have climbed a pillar of New Yamuna Bridge in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, and reports say that Tamil superstar Rajnikant's namesake will not come down till ISRO manages to 'recover' the Vikram lander. The video of this man creating a scene in Prayagraj is said to have gone viral on the social media.

Reports claim that the man is saying that he will pray to 'Chandradev' till contact with Chandrayaan is established.

Vikram lander, which was scheduled to touchdown on the Moon's surface on September 7, had deviated from its planned flight path when it was just 2.1 km above the Moon. ISRO lost communication with the lander and the failing to have soft land on lunar surface was seen as a setback for ISRO.

Rajnikant, the man who climbed the pillar, is said to be a native of Manda in Prayagraj. According to an report, he climbed up on Monday night.

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News 18 report says that Rajnikant climbed with the Indian flag and refused to get down unless ISRO manages to 'recover' the Vikram lander.

The Chandrayaan-2 orbiter, which has onboard a majority of the mission's experiments, is safe and orbiting the moon.

Ever since losing contact, the Indian Space Research Organisation has been making constant efforts to get in touch the Vikram lander.

On Tuesday, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) of NASA, which has been going around the Moon since 2009, came over the location where Vikram landed. It would pass over that area several times as it continues in its orbit. The LRO is expected to take images of Vikram but it is not clear when these would be released.

India attempted to make history on September 7 and would have become just the fourth nation to successfully soft-land a probe on the Moon. It came agonisingly close, but after journeying over 3 lakh kilometres, the Vikram lander lost contact in the final moments and crash-landed on the lunar surface. But this is not the end of Indian space missions. India has miles to go.

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