Chandra Nandini 17 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Nandini Goes To Chandra’s Chamber To Give Him Medicine; Will He Look At Her Face?

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Tonight in Chandra Nandini we see that when Chandra doesn’t find Nandini in the palace he asks all the females present in Magadh to come to the Queen’s chamber. He starts to pick up the cloth from every females face to know if any of them is Nandini. Just before he could pick up the cloth from Nandini’s face Chanakya comes and stops her. He tells Chandra that this is not a King’s behaviour and he should not do such a shameless thing. Dadi Maa also tries to convince Chandra that what he is doing is not acceptable and he just can’t look at other women’s faces without their will. Helena also gets into a debate with Chandra and tells him that there is no possibility that Nandini could have survived after taking such a fall. She says that Nandini can’t be alive and he has to accept the fact that she is dead.  Chandra gets seething with anger and asks everyone to stop calling Nandini dead. He tells everyone that he has seen Nandini with his own eyes and they have to believe him. Chanakya tries to convince Chandra that they all believe him. He tells Dadi Maa that love has destroyed Chandra’s life and he is not able to behave normally after losing Nandini.

Nandini talks to Dharma and tells her that she can’t look at Chandra going through all the pain. She says that just to give him a hope for life she was ready to tell him that she is his wife Nandini.

Alice tells Charumati and her friends that Nandini was the killer of Bindusara’s mother Durdhara. Charumati says that because Bindusara is going to be her husband and he hates Nandini so she to has to hate her. (ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini 16 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra Look At Nandini By The Riverside)

Dharma meets Charumati and tells her that on the occasion of Suhaag darshan she was not trying to look at Bindusara’s  face in the water. She says that she was just protecting her from a scorpion and in her attempt she suddenly lost her balance and that is why Bindusara saw her face. Charumati shows her fake concern initially but then gets angry with Dharma and says that if she saw Bindusara then she could have left instantly.

Dadi Maa asks Prabha (Nandini) to go and give kadha to Chandra.  She asks her to stay there with Chandra till the time he drinks at all. Meanwhile Adoles asks Helena to get him married till next year so that he can celebrate ocassion of suhaag darshan too. Helena gets furious with him and slaps him. Helena asks Apama for a cure for the madness of Chandra and Apama says that till the time Nandini will be back in his life he will not feel better. Adoles says that he too has seen Nandini in the palace.

Nandini takes the medicine for Chandra and in his chamber she look at Nandini’s  belongings. She feels some memories coming back to her. (ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini 15 August 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Will Chandra See Nandini At Saubhagya Darshan?)