Chandigarh Youth Congress making masks for poor people to contain COVID-19 pandemic

Chandigarh, May 10 (ANI): Everyone is doing there bit in fight against coronavirus pandemic, National Youth Congress in Chandigarh, also joined the fight and start making face masks for the poor people. Youth Congress wing of Chandigarh is all set to make 51,000 thousands face masks for the people who unable to afford it. 21 women of Chandigarh in different districts are working towards the noble initiative. While taking to ANI, State secretary of Youth Congress in Chandigarh, Deepak Lubana said, “On the announcement of Indian Youth Congress President BV Shrinivas, we have decided to distribute one crore face masks, Youth Congress in every state is working for the noble imitative.” Total number of 1,731 cases of coronavirus has been reported in the state so far.