Chandigarh records dip in crime amid COVID-19 scare

Saurabh Prashar

The last heinous crime in the jurisdiction of the PS 39 was reported on March 18, in which a 21-year old man was stabbed.

The SECTOR 39 Police Station is one of the busiest police stations in Chandigarh, with some of the most sensitive areas within its purview. The last heinous crime in the jurisdiction of the PS 39 was reported on March 18, in which a 21-year old man was stabbed. “Since then, not even a single crime has been reported in the police station, apart from an incident of gambling and two cases of drug peddling, a police officer said.

Similarly, the PS Manimajra, covering the dense populated colonies along with the old Manimajra town, has recorded a dip in crime. A police deputed at PS Manimajra said, “Preventive actions under the Sections 107 and 151 of the CrPC for quarreling with each other is a routine here. But in the last four-five days, we have observed a change.”

Days after the threat of COVID-19 breakout began looming over the city, restricting the movements of the local residents, incidents of crime, registration of FIRs and visits of parties engaged in different disputes took a sharp dip in Chandigarh.

A police official said, “On an average, at least 15 FIRs were registered every day, including heinous and petty crimes. However, the numbers have reduced to five or six cases being reported everyday. Indeed, calls at the police control room (PCR)- 112 and 100- have also reduced, but this varies from area to area. The figures show that calls received by the PCRs have swindled between 1,425 and 1,215 in the last five days.”

According to the figures recorded by the police department, “At least 16 FIRs were registered on March 16. However, merely six FIRs were reported on March 20. About 301 calls were received and attended to by the PCR teams on March 15. On March 20, the PCR team attended to 304 calls. These days, the nature of calls have also changed. The recently introduced common emergency number 112 is the central point for all kind of emergency services. Be it related to health department, fire department and police department. In the last two days, call related to health department has increased.”

Chandigarh has 17 police stations, including one women police station, which does not deal with the day-to-day crime. Among 16 other police stations, PS 39, PS Mani Majra, PS 26, PS 31, PS Industrial Area, PS Maloya, PS Sarangpur and PS Mauli Jagran are considered sensitive as they cover regions with higher rate of crime.

Chandigarh police spokesman, DSP Charanjit Singh Virk said, “Police is always on duty. However, as movements are restricted, lesser vehicles are plying on the roads and people are being repeatedly advised to stay indoors. There is direct impact on police complaints and FIRs.”

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