Chandigarh: Radar speed display boards will catch your speed from distance, police buy six of them

Saurabh Prashar
A radar speed display board in use. Express

Almost after a year and a half of running a trial of radar speed display board, the UT traffic police has purchased six such boards at a cost of Rs 12.59 lakh. These boards will be displayed at the most vulnerable road stretches in terms of speeding and road accidents.

One board along with a battery, one control unit and digital display costs Rs 1.77 lakh.

These boards equipped with special sensors are capable of reading the speed of motor vehicles, which cross the prescribed speed on a particular stretch. Sources said the night vision technology radar is also capable of capturing the image of motor vehicles, which violate speed limit, but during the first phase, challans were not issued against the motorists.

The sole purpose of installation of these boards is making motorists aware of the speed of their vehicles. It will be a precaution. The trial of one board in Chandigarh was held in March 2018. The trial was held on all the main roads, including Madhya Marg, Dakshin Marg and Jan Marg.

DSP (traffic) Kewal Krishan, said, “It is a precautionary step, which will force the drivers to slow down their motor vehicle speed themselves. The radar will catch the speed of motor vehicles from a fine distance. It can be more than 80 metres, giving an opportunity to motorists to slow down the speed. As a vehicle crosses the radar at high speed, the board will display sharp white blinking light. These boards can function during fog, night, heavy rain and smog. We will identify six locations to install these boards very shortly. It is very easy to take these boards from one location to another. The decision on the issuance of challans through these boards will be taken in the second phase.”

Sources said shortly a team of Ador Powertron Ltd, which supplied the boards to the UT traffic police, would come to Chandigarh to assist in the installation of these boards.

In Chandigarh, maximum speed limit for four-wheelers is 60 km per hour and 45 km per hour for two-wheelers on Madhya Marg, Dakshin Marg. The speed limit is 50 km per hour and 45 km per hour for four-wheelers and two-wheelers on Udyog Marg.

A traffic police officer said, “Sixty km for four-wheeler and 45 km for two-wheeler per hour is the speed limit on the six-lane roads. And 50 km for four-wheeler and 45 for two-wheeler per hour is on the four-lane roads.”

According to road accident analysis wing of the UT traffic police, in 65 per cent of the fatal road accidents, motor vehicles were being driven at high speed in Chandigarh. Until November 10 this year, 65 fatal road accidents were reported.