Chandigarh: Motorist alleges assault by traffic DSP over helmet, cop says only advised him

Shiv Nath and (left) DSP SPS Sondhi. (Express)

A two-wheeler rider Saturday alleged that the Chandigarh Traffic Police DSP assaulted him at Kiran Cinema light point, Sector 22, after threatening to challan him because his children and wife, who were on the bike, were not wearing helmets.

DSP SPS Sondhi denied the allegations and said that he had only advised the motorcyclist to ensure the safety of his children and the woman. The DSP claimed that the motorcyclist got injured when the helmet hit his nose while allegedly trying to attack the official.

SPS Sondhi and the two-wheeler rider, Shiv Nath, filed complaints against each other at Sector 22 police post. A police officer said, Medical reports of Shiv Nath and DSP SPS Sondhi are pending with the doctors. We received complaints from both of them. A DDR was lodged and the matter is under investigation.

The incident happened around 11 am when Shiv Nath, a Naya Gaon resident and a nursing officer at PGI, was returning with his wife and two sons after attending a Parents-Teacher Meeting at the children s school. DSP SPS Sondhi, who was dressed in plain clothes, was going to Sector 29 traffic police lines with two gunmen in his official vehicle.

Shiv Nath said, I did not give side to his official vehicle at Kiran Cinema light point-22 as there was red signal on the light point. The official vehicle was honking from the backside. As the signal turned green, I took my bike to a side and gave way to the vehicle.

Shiv Nath alleged that Sondhi rolled down his door window and said, Tum loggo nai kabhi aadmi nahi banna (You people will never become sensible).

When I asked the officer what was the matter, he came out of his vehicle and threatened to challan me as my sons and wife were not wearing helmets. There was no challan book in his hands. His guards held my hands and the DSP punched on my nose. The police officers, who later rushed on the spot, were also supporting the DSP. Initially, they refused to listen to my version. When the passersby got agitated, they rushed me to local police post-22. But at GMSH-16, the police officers pressurized the doctors to not conduct my medical examination.

The DSP said, I simply advised the two-wheeler rider to make sure that his wife and children wear helmets. But he asked me who am I to give him lessons. I did not come out my official vehicle. Only my guards went out, but they didn t assaulted him. He injured himself as the helmet hit his hose when he tried to attack me.

I am awaiting factual report of the local police. We will take impartial action based on the facts, said SSP Shashank Anand.

Meanwhile, agitated people, who gathered in support of Shiv Nath did not allow the DSP to leave the spot. Shiv Nath called the police control room and a PCR rushed to the spot, and the situation was brought under control.
In the evening, Shiv Nath went to the residence of DGP, UT, Sanjay Baniwal. Subsequently, area DSP Krishan Kumar assured him of proper action. Sondhi s wife, who is also working in PGI, also came to PP 22 to resolve the issue talking with Shiv Nath, but in vain.