Chandigarh Mayor: I have so many Apple phones, why will I buy from public money

Hina Rohtaki
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Newly elected Mayor of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Raj Bala Malik. (File/Express photo by Sumit Malhotra)

“I ALREADY have so many Apple phones. Why will I waste public money on getting another iPhone as mayor?” said minutes after being elected the mayor.

Malik is known for her love for international brands and diamonds.

As a mayor is entitled to take a mobile phone of unlimited amount, every year the new mayor takes the latest iPhone — all from public funds.

Asked about the facilities she will avail, Mayor Raj Bala Malik said, “I have so many iPhones — all the latest ones. I can even get them from abroad as my daughter is there. Why will I waste public money on any such luxury when God has already blessed me with it?”

On moving into the official mayor residence in Sector 24, Malik said she won’t leave her plush residence in Sector 10.

“I will make the official mayor residence as the camp office and won’t move in there. I have my own house,” she said.

Outgoing Mayor Rajesh Kalia has informed Malik that he will be vacating the mayor residence on January 15.

About any renovation that will be carried out in the mayor residence or luxury furniture that would be replaced, she said, “No, what is the need? Koi furniture ke upar kapda badalna ho to wo karva denge (If need be, furniture cover will be changed),” she said.

Malik said that she will not tolerate any corruption in the department, something which the officials of Municipal Corporation will have to be careful about.

“Be it roads or any other development work, I won’t tolerate corruption at all. The guilty will have to bear the brunt if I smell any corruption,” Malik said.

When the newly elected mayor assumed charge, she brought back the lavish red chair, which Kalia had said he won’t use as he was a “nagar sevak”.

During her speech as the mayor, she said that she will ensure that there is transparency in the working of the corporation and sees herself just as the ‘captain of a team’.

“I will be taking everybody along, even the opposition. We all are a team and I am just the captain. A captain can’t do without the support of his or her teammates,” Malik said, thanking everyone for reposing faith in her.

She added that every councillor should take himself as the mayor. “I have worked as the mayor already and have the experience. I will ensure that the corporation doesn’t face any financial crunch,” she said.

‘If tax has to be imposed for benefit of citizens, will do’

Malik said that she won’t hesitate to impose tax if it is for the benefit of the people.

“Agar chhota mota tax logon ke hi fayde ke liye lagana pada, to laga denge (If some small tax needs to be imposed for the benefit of people, will impose it),” she said.

On development and cleanliness in villages, she said, “Gaon gande kisne kiye (Who dirtied villages)? Agar mera ghar ganda hai, to maine hi ganda kiya aur main hi saaf karungi (If my house is unclean, I only dirtied it and I only will clean it).”

Malik said that if there was a provision for reviewing the water tariff every year, she will do it. She said that she will make efforts to make Chandigarh the number one city in cleanliness.