Chandigarh to Chennai: College Friends in Their 60s Road Trip 4500 km in 40 Days

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Since time immemorial, Bollywood has explored themes of friendship, travel, and the confluence of these two. Films like Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Jab We Met, Tamasha, not only reinstate our belief in true love and friendship but also awaken the inert traveller in us.

Travelling has always been portrayed as a source of enlightenment and awakening, a medium to come closer to oneself. Maybe all we need is a trip up the mountains to find ourselves. Giving all these blockbusters a run for their money is the friendship of three college friends who planned their road trip just over a phone call.

The trio from Chandigarh, now in their 60s, travelled a whopping 4500 kilometres in a span of 40 days. In a time where even the infamous Goa plan never comes to fruition, the three friends — Robin Nakai, his wife Amrita, and Usha Hooda— not only made a plan to travel multiple places but also stuck to it. They undertook the journey after being fed up with staying at home due to coronavirus.

Sharing their experience with Conde Nast Traveller, the three spoke about how they drove through Udaipur, Mumbai, Ganpatipule, Panjim, Hampi, Bengaluru, and Chennai before flying to the Andamans. On their return journey, they stopped at Puducherry. The road trip wasn't a piece of cake, despite the roads being smooth in most places. Talking about his driving experience in Andaman, Robin said that one should always be prepared to face the unknown. Whatever circumstances the friends faced they had an amazing time and created memories for life. “We have been a trio since the days of Bob Dylan and Woodstock in the 70s. We have done some crazy things together and always had each other’s back,” Robin Nakai added.

The three friends are the epitome of lasting friendship and living proof of the eternal nature of wanderlust. The love for travel never fades away, in fact, it only grows with you.