Chandigarh: 5 underground parking lots to be sealed after IIT Roorkee declares them unsafe

During MC meeting, Chandigarh, Wednesday. Jaipal Singh

The Chandigarh Municipal Corporation general House meeting on Wednesday decided to seal five out of six underground parking lots in sectors 8 and 17, that were declared unsound and unsafe by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee.

The agenda of their repair worth Rs 6 crore was turned down and Commissioner K K Yadav ordered for a brick wall to be built to close off the areas for public use.

The main cause of damage to the structures is corrosion. Most of the reinforced cement concrete (RCC) pillars are deficient in quality, raising doubts on their capacity to take principal load of vehicles. Steel reinforcements, too, are significantly distressed and exposed at many locations, stated the report.

IIT Roorkee has recommended their demolition and reconstruction according to the current requirements.

The MC will write to the urban planning department to ascertain if the structures can be dismantled or restructured to turn them into multilevel parking lots.

The parking lots each had a capacity to accommodate around 200 vehicles.

Those found unfit are located near the Deputy Commissioner s office, BSNL office and MC building in Sector 17 and near SCO No 118-119 and 147-148 in Sector 8C along Madhya Marg. The only one found structurally fit which will be repaired by the MC is near SCO No 173-174 in Sector 8C.

Avoid delays

The commissioner in the house meeting ordered that no official will keep the file for more than three days, for which an administrative order will be passed. This has been done to avoid unnecessary delays.