When Chandan Prabhakar Was In Tears After Shah Rukh Khan Yelled At Him On Kapil Sharma’s Show

Nagarathna A

Kapil's shows have been one of the best platforms for actors to promote their films or shows. Not just fans, even many celebrities love his shows. One such actor is Shah Rukh Khan, who has graced his shows several times. During one of his visits to Comedy Nights With Kapil (which was aired on Colors), the superstar had yelled at Chandan Prabhakar for mocking him so much so the comedian was left teary-eyed. Read on to know more!

The incident happened way back in 2014 when Shah Rukh visited CNWK sets along with his co-star Abhishek Bachchan and director Farah Khan to promote their film Happy New Year. Chandan was seen imitating Shah Rukh. Initially, SRK seemed to be enjoying it, but gradually was irked and lost his cool.

SRK yelled at Chandan saying, "Aap agar apne apko sach-much fans samajthe ho, ya aap sochoge ki isko sunkar actor bahot khush hota hai, tho main iss show pe bahot seriously bolunga.... kuch acha nahi lagta, itni khushi nahi hoti hai. Maine kaun se picture mein bola hai ki... Ka...Ka...Kiran I love you, meri aawaz yese hai hi nahi... Aap uska mazak udate ho mein sun leta hun."

He further said, "Hum apke show mein aye Kapil, aur ap logon se pyar karte hain. Hum apne par haas rahe hai, hum ready hain ukse liye. But you call somebody to say, 'Oh, they are your fans,' aur yeh detective ban ke aagaye aur apna mazak uda rahe hai. Matlab, ek baar sochna to chahiye na yaar."

When Kapil and Chandan tried to apologise, Shah Rukh got angry and shouted at Chandan, who seemed shaken to the core and was in tears even after SRK revealed it was a prank. The superstar was seen hugging and calming a terrified comedian. Apparently, it was a prank planned by Kapil.

Well, this wasn't the first time, Amitabh Bachchan had also played a similar prank on Chandan, pretending to get offended for allegedly speaking to him disrespectfully.

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