Champions League: Here's how much money the winning team gets

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Champions League: Here
Champions League: Here

07 Aug 2020: Champions League: Here's how much money the winning team gets

To earn Champions League qualification for teams across domestic leagues in Europe means a lot.

There are mainly two reasons for this. Firstly, the Champions League is Europe's elite tournament and the chance to play against the best make things interesting.

Secondly, teams are guaranteed a lot of money for just simply reaching the group stage.

Here we present the key details.

Prize money: Prize money earned by winning team is massive

According to a report in Goal, the winners of the 2019-2020 Champions League final will pocket £17m for the feat.

Meanwhile, the runners-up will receive £13.5m.

Notably, the overall prize money allocated to the team that wins the Champions League is much higher than that.

The prize money is distributed based primarily on performance from the group stage along the way to the finale.

Money: The summary of the money received by UCL teams

The report adds that each team in the Champions League gets £14m for reaching the group stage alone.

Each win in the group stage gets you £2.4m, whereas, a draw fetches £800k.

A team earns £8.5m for reaching the last 16 and a further £9.5m comes in the quarters.

Notably, each team that reaches the semi-finals pockets an extra £11m.

Fact: What if a team wins every game including the final?

If a team manages to win every game in the Champions League 2019-20 from the group stage (10 games, not including qualifying rounds), they would pocket a total of €82.45 million (£74m).

Earnings: Clubs earn money based on the television 'market pool'

Clubs competing in the UEFA Champions League also earn revenue based on the television 'market pool'.

This fluctuates depending on the number of teams involved in the competition from a particular association.

The estimated pot for the 'market pool' was £263m and the nature of its distribution means that the side which wins the tournament may not necessarily earn the most amount of funds.

Fact: Teams could be affected by COVID-19 pandemic

Meanwhile, it remains unclear how this fund could be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Clubs will still be relying heavily on the prize money from the Champions League, particularly without the revenue of gate receipts as matches are being held behind closed doors.

Fact: Bayern have maintained a 100% record this season

Bayern Munich have won all seven games so far in the Champions League 2019-20 season. They are the favorites to win the round of 16 second leg. From there on, there will one-legged ties leading up to the finale.

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