Chal Rang De Mumbai: Khar Gets a Much-Needed Monsoon Makeover

After beautifying the Asalpha village in Ghatkopar, the Chal Rang De team gives Khar Danda a colourful makeover. The team, with the help of over 2800 volunteers, has painted 1200 walls. Artists from as far as Kathmandu were invited to create murals that reflect the lives of people living in the area.

Their aim was not just to beautify this part of Mumbai but also provide sustainable living solutions. From waterproofing roofs to reducing indoor temperature by 4-5 degrees, cleaning the nalas in the area to adding dustbins, the team has focussed on transforming lives of the residents in more ways than one.

52 artists were invited to create murals on the walls of Khar Danda

"Apart from the colours that we did over here, we very much focussed on the cleanliness of the gutters as well as the surroundings of this area. Initially when we came, the gutter was actually filled with a lot of filth and garbage from the surrounding houses. We got to know that there are no dustbins in this place. We plan to have fences put on the nalas and have it beautified with flowers, so people actually look at that and stop throwing all the garbage into the nala." - Terence Ferreira, Co-founder of Chal Rang De

Aerial view of Khar Danda

With sustainable roofing that is durable, reduces indoor temperatures by 4-5 degrees, and is incredibly efficient compared to the temporary sheet roofing the locals employ during the monsoon, the Chal Rang De team is changing the lives they are adding colours to.

"We are waterproofing the roofs with material that will prevent leakages for up to five years, it lasts much longer and costs as much as tarpaulin. Apart from that, we are using colour on top of the roofs to give this entire city a colour blanket. Once you fly from the top of it, you’re going to see a different kind of Mumbai that you did not see before." - Dedeepya Reddy, Co-founder of Chal Rang De

Waterproofing the roofs in Khar

For the first time ever, an otherwise neglected area of Mumbai is going to have sustainable roofing with a blanket of colours that shows the outside world just how beautiful the inside is.

Painting of a vegetable vendor and her son on a wall in Khar Danda 

Camera: Sanjoy Deb and Yashpal Singh
Camera assistant: Gautam Sharma
Editor: Ashish Maccune
Producer: Divya Talwar

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