'Chakka jam': Farmers in Kerala stage protests against agri laws

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Thiruvananthapuram, Feb 6 (PTI) Farmers in Kerala on Saturday protested across the state demanding repeal of the farm laws in solidarity with the ryots' nationwide 'chakka jam'.

S Ramachandran Pillai, CPI(M) politburo member and vice president of All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), inaugurated the protest here and said theentire peasantryhas been mobilised because their existenceis being questioned by the three new farm laws.

Protest gatherings were organised at panchayat centres and there were demonstrationsin front of all central government offices at all panchayats.

Pillai said the peasantry was united and fighting against the Centre's policies throughout the country.

'It's not only a peasant struggle but it's the struggle of the people of India. All sections of people are joining, because these laws question the very existence of peasantry in this country,' Pillai told reporters.

He claimed the central government plans to hand over everything to the corporates and the struggle was against the corporatisation of Indian agriculture.

'Presentgovernment is taking such steps not only in agriculture but in almost all other sectors of the economy.

Most of our public sector undertakings in the country have been privatised,handed over to the corporates,' Pillai alleged. PTI RRT BN ADMINISTRATOR BN ADMINISTRATOR