CEO of Wanda Media Deliver Insights on the Latest Trend in China’s Film Industry

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“Yin Xiangjin, CEO of Wanda Media, says the main trend in Chinese film production is “Standardization of Production”

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blintn, Media Content Funding and Rights Trading Platform, invited the CEO of Wanda Media as a speaker to present insights into the trend of Chinese Film Market, which has emerged as a powerful new player in the Global Media Market.

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 27, 2020 -- Recently, amid the pandemic, Chinese films have broken the record. The Chinese Box Office has surpassed RMB 15.2 billion (about USD 2.3 billion) and has reached No. 1 in the World Box Office, gaining worldwide attention.

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blintn invited Yin Xiangjin, CEO of Wanda Media, to hear about the production trends and perspectives of the Chinese film industry, which has shown such strong growth in recent years.
Wanda Media is the No.1 film production and distribution company in China and is a subsidiary of Wanda Group which is building a Media Empire by acquiring 'Legendary Pictures' and America's largest theater chain 'AMC.'

Yin Xiangjin, CEO of Wanda Media, said the current biggest trend in film production in China is “Standardization of Production Process ”.

This refers to creating specifications of filming techniques and story-structure for each genre. This is expected to highly increase production efficiency while keeping the quality high. Additionally, it helps creating a series-oriented film-franchise. Here, Film-Franchise refers to a series of film in different story formats which shares the same universe and the main storyline. The Marvel Cinematic Universe created by Marvel Studios is a typical example of it.

Also, a concept of “Targeting” and “Positioning” has newly emerged as an important strategy for each film aiming to target certain audiences. Yi Xiangjin mentioned that this strategy will ensure the efficiency, quality, and ROI of movies from the planning stage.

He also stated that leading Chinese productions are trying to develop their own unique style and using China's endless history and cultural heritage to create works of originality.

blintn, the organizer of this session, announced that it will provide production funding services by analyzing relevant data to help the precise "Targeting" and "Positioning" of each Media Content along with the global distribution of movie series keeping up with the recent trend.

It also added that this session has offered a great opportunity to hear deep perspectives from China's film industry, which may be a little unfamiliar to other countries, and that blintn is planning on various events to hear from media industry experts from all over the world.

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