Centre's affidavit on Kanwar Yatra, says 'it can be allowed with strict protocol'

Centre's affidavit on Kanwar Yatra has now been accessed, The centre's affidavit regarding controversial Kanwar Yatra. Remember the Supreme Court had stepped in and asked the centre as well as the Uttar Pradesh government to explain what it had called a perplexing decision to allow the Kanwar Yatra in UP. The Centre had said may allow Kanwar Yatra however they must follow the Covid-19 protocol. even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said it is important that precaution taken and the third wave is not invited. Centre has backed Yogi Adityanath's government stand that Kanwar Yatra can not be completely suspended but will be allowed subject to follow strict Covid-19 protocol. Watch the video to know more!

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