Centre warns against 'revenge travel' | Top Headlines

Here are the top headlines of the day:

1. 4 PDP leaders told to vacate govt accommodation in Srinagar
Zahoor Mir, Nizamuddin Bhat, Yusuf Bhat, Aijaz Mir – have been asked to vacate their Govt residences. J&K High Court had sought an action taken report on Feb 18.

2. Uttar Pradesh Law Commission releases population control draft, invites public opinion
The bill calls for incentives for families with 2 kids and disincentives for big families.

3. Opposition questions Modi's new ministry
Congress says this ministry is political mischief

4. Choksi saga important development
Choksi's lawyers seek permission for him to be flown out for medical attention

5. After weeping Zila panchayat, BJP leads in block chief polls
SP alleges large scale fraud, plans to protest on July 15.

6. Uttar Pradesh block pramukh elections amid large scale violence
Some miscreants have reportedly created trouble by causing violence and beating up candidates

7. Centre warns against 'revenge travel'
States announce new guidelines to contain 'revenge travel'

8. Rajasthan: Alarming rise in rape cases
BJP slams Ashok Gehlot govt

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