Centre replacing old fencing with anti-cut fencing at India-Pak, Bangladesh borders

New Delhi [India], Jan 10 (ANI): The Government of India is replacing old fencing with the latest anti-cut fencing at India-Pakistan and Bangladesh borders, BSF sources said.

According to the Border Security Force (BSF) sources, the cost of 7.18 km is Rs 14,30,44,000 which has recently been installed at the border. On average the cost of a kilometer fencing is around Rs 1.99 crore.

The government is in the process of replacing old fencing with new anti-cut fencing, which will be more effective. Multiple patches have been replaced and now only anti-cut fencing will be installed at the borders," BSF sources said.

A pilot project at Lathitila, the Silchar sector is being constructed recently and also some other patches are under consideration.

Sources claimed that fencing at some patches is very old which can help the intruders to enter into Indian borders. As a precautionary measure, the extra force has been deployed at the borders where fencing is considered as weak.

Last year, the Government of India had started two pilot projects covering about 71 km on India-Pakistan Border (10 km) and India-Bangladesh border (61 km) of the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS), which have now been completed.

It is now time for taking up Stage-II and Stage-III covering about 1955 km of the border which cannot be physically fenced. The CIBMS project will vastly improve the capability of BSF in detecting and controlling the cross border crimes like illegal infiltration, smuggling of contraband goods, human trafficking and cross border terrorism, etc. (ANI)