Centre files Affidavit in Delhi HC; gives detailed report on steps taken to revamp medical infra

Amid the growing concerns on the pandemic the Centre has filed an affidavit in the HC informing the court of all the steps taken so far on status of beds, ventilators and medical oxygen for patients in various hospitals. In fact Centre had filed this affidavit regarding the steps taken by Central government to ensure the supply of medical oxygen in the present scenario when covid cases are rising quite sharply at an alarming rate and further with regard to the hospitals managed by Central government and beds reserved for Coronavirus patients. In the Affidavit the Centre mentions that over 8 pressure oxygen general plants are being installed with the help of the PM care funds. These plants will enhance the capacity of medical oxygen by 14.4 Metric tones and to amplify the same, oxygen use for industrial purposes has been banned in critical industries with effect from 27th April. Further the bed and ventilators stats have also been mentioned.