Centre Should Ensure Equitable Supply Of Oxygen, Medicines to States: Ashok Gehlot

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Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday said the Centre should ensure the supply of oxygen, medicines and other resources to the states in a planned and equitable manner. Speaking during a video-conference of the prime minister with the chief ministers, Gehlot said the condition across the country is becoming more frightening due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

He said the number of test kits of IL-6, D-dimer, ferritin test etc., which are used for COVID testing, has also started to decrease gradually and the Centre should ensure adequate availability of these kits. "For better management of the situation, the Centre should ensure a planned and equitable supply of oxygen, medicines and other resources, keeping life saving paramount," a release quoted Gehlot as saying.

He said the states should be allocated oxygen and Remdesivir injections on the basis of their numbers of active cases. The chief minister pointed out that on April 21, Rajasthan was allocated only 26,500 Remdesivir injections, whereas Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, which had less cases than Rajasthan, were given 1.63 lakh and 92,200 injections respectively.

"Similarly, the proportion of active cases was not taken into consideration in the allocation of oxygen," he said. The veteran Congress leader said the supply of oxygen and medicines should be carried out rationally in the future so that no state has to face any problem regarding the treatment of coronavirus patients.

He also reiterated that the Centre should provide COVID vaccination to all citizens above 18 years of age for free.

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