Centre 'abusing' some state govts instead of supporting them, alleges Sisodia

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New Delhi, Jun 11 (PTI) Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday accused the Centre of abusing few state governments instead of supporting them and claimed the BJP has become 'Bharatiya Jhagda Party'.

Earlier in the day, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had tagged a media report in which Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had blamed the Delhi government for allegedly failing to provide ration and oxygen to the people, and had said instead of abusing and fighting with state governments, the Centre should work with them. Without taking Prasad's name, Sisodia said a senior minister from the central government had attacked Delhi CM regarding the city's oxygen management, ration distribution etc. Sisodia alleged that all BJP leaders address the media once a day to 'abuse' Kejriwal instead of speaking on 'pertinent topics related to India's development, vaccine management or the people of this nation'.

He claimed that the BJP government's 'single point agenda' was to 'abuse' opposition parties that don't support its agenda.

'They will either condemn the West Bengal government or the Jharkhand government or the Maharashtra government. It seems that the BJP-led central government has no other work but to divert focus of people and attack state governments that are actually doing some work,' he alleged during an online briefing.

Referring to recent instances where the Supreme Court intervened in matters related to board exams and oxygen shortage, he claimed that the Centre only works after the apex court raps it.

'They said oxygen supply was not done properly by the states but everyone knows who was responsible for the mess. It was after the Supreme Court intervened that the situation was brought under control. Many state governments along with our nation's children supported cancelling the examinations, but we faced objections from BJP leaders,' Sisodia said. 'Why were the Boards cancelled only when the Supreme Court stepped in? State governments appealed to the Centre for adequate vaccines, but even here the central government turned a deaf ear to our demands. Instead, the BJP-led Centre just slammed state governments. It was only when the Supreme Court intervened that the Centre woke up to our demand for vaccines,' he said.

Sisodia said the people are 'fed up' of such a government which only abuses state governments.

'People elected Bharatiya Janata Party and not Bharatiya Jhagda Party. Please don't become Bharatiya Jhagda Party. Obstructing the work of state governments and slamming them will not result in the development of the nation. 'Central government should cooperate with state governments and I appeal to the Centre to not act as an obstructionist,' he stressed.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had on Sunday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi why the doorstep ration delivery scheme by his government was stalled by the Centre. He had appealed to him to allow its implementation in national interest.

'If pizza, burgers, smartphones and clothes can be delivered at home, then why can't ration be delivered at their doorstep,' Kejriwal had asked.

Referring to Kejriwal's comments, Sisodia said, 'If in the 21st century, a chief minister, who is an IIT alumnus, is thinking about doorstep delivery of ration, why don't you talk about it? Why can't ration be home delivered?' Earlier in the day, Prasad had alleged that the Kejriwal government is under the control of 'ration mafia' and claimed that its proposal of home delivery of subsidised grains is merely a show to promote a 'scam'. PTI SLB/GJS TDS TDS