Central District Delhi Police takes measures to ensure minimum contact among staff

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New Delhi [India], May 23 (ANI): To combat COVID-19 pandemic, the Delhi Police on Saturday said that the Central District Police have taken precautionary measures to ensure the least contact with one another during discharge of official duty. "The duty officer room has been bifurcated with a transparent plastic sheet in which on the one side has a sitting arrangement established for duty officer writer by maintaining requisite distance. On the other side, Public Facilitation Desk has been established," said the Delhi Police in a press release. The Delhi Police further said: "Any sort of direct contact/approach to the duty officer from the general public and other staff has been completely barred. To deal with the complainant, PFO has specifically been designated. The PFO has been provided with all sorts of precautionary equipment." Prior to visiting the Public Facilitation Officer Desk (PFO), the sanitisation of every visitor is ensured by another staff that has been deployed to sanitise the visitors. "A washbasin has been set up for every visitor and they are allowed to enter the PS only after washing their hands. Special police staffs have been deployed to check the temperature of visitors with a thermal gun," the Delhi Police said further. (ANI)