Central Bureau of Health Intelligence Report Says Getting Hospitalised in Gujarat Most Expensive in India For Rural Households

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New Delhi, Dec 11: A report by the Central Bureau of Health Investigation has revealed that getting hospitalised is most expensive in the state of Gujarat for people living in rural areas when compared to other rural parts of the country. Assam is top on the list for urban areas.

The National Health Profile 2017 published by CBHI said that the average cost per hospitalisation for rural families was Rs 32, 500 in Gujarat– which is four times the cost in Uttar Pradesh. The cost in Assam per hospitalisation turns out to be a whopping Rs 52,368, which is seven times the cost in the urban areas of Delhi. (Also read: Max Hospital Earns 525 Per Cent Profit on Syringes, Reports CCI)

Goa and Himachal Pradesh were next on the list to Assam with their average cost of hospitalisation Rs 37,000 and Rs 35,200 per case in urban areas.

The report further said that in rural areas, nearly 20% of families living in India go in debt or sale their assets to foot hospital bills in case of hospitalisation. The finding was true across all income levels. While 65.6 per cent poorest families and 68 per cent richest families depart on household income or savings to foot hospital bill, 27% of the poorest household and 23% of the richest households depend on borrowings for hospitalization costs.

The survey was conducted by the National Sample Survey Organisation between January 2013 and June 2014, reported TOI.