Center revises governors' allowances, West Bengal governor becomes richest

Shalini Ojha

Center revises governors

03 Jun 2018: Center revises governors' allowances, West Bengal governor becomes richest

Four months after salaries of governors were revised to Rs 3.5 lakh/month, the Center has now issued fresh guidelines for allowances.

The allowances include expenses on travel, entertainment, hospitality and furnishings.

Under the new guidelines, the West Bengal governor will get the highest allowance of Rs. 1.81 crore for tours, hospitality, and other expenses.

Salaries and allowances are paid by state governments.

Details: Governors to get separate allowances for Raj Bhavans' maintenance

Rs. 80 lakh will be given to the West Bengal governor for renewal of furnishings and Rs. 72.06 lakh for the Raj Bhavans in Kolkata and Darjeeling.

Apart from Rs. 1.66 crore for personal allowances, the Tamil Nadu governor will receive Rs. 7.50 lakh as an allowance for furnishings. Additionally, Rs. 6.5 crore has been allocated to maintain Raj Bhavans in Ooty and Chennai.

Details: Allowances of governors are revised every four years

Interestingly, the Uttar Pradesh governor will get Rs. 3.53 crore for maintaining Lucknow's Raj Bhavan, much more than what he will receive for personal allowance (Rs. 66 lakh).

The Bihar governor will get Rs. 1.62 crore for personal allowance, Rs. 62 lakh for furnishings and Rs. 80.2 lakh for maintenance of Patna's Raj Bhavan.

The allowances are revised every four years.