A Cement Packet in Mumbai Has Jerry Seinfield's Face Plastered On it and No One Knows Why

Buzz Staff
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A bag of cement from Mumbai has been going viral on the internet for featuring a running Jerry Seinfeld on the cover.

All 90s kids will remember comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld who featured in the popular American series 'Seinfeld' on

NBC. The award-winning show and its namesake creator became widely popular across the world.

And it seems it the show and Seinfeld himself still have some takers in India.

A running Seinfeld can be seen on the packaging of a Portland White cement bag in Mumbai. The image was shared on Twitter by Twitter user 'BookofGenesia' who shared it with the caption, "Meanwhile in Mumbai", indicating that the bag was seen in Mumbai.

The packaging on the cover had the words Ras AlKhaima on it, indicating the name of the manufacturer. Words in Hindi read, "Ek kadam...aage" (One step ahead) to match the corresponding image of a running Seinfeld.

The bizarre packaging left many on the internet chuckling.

Seinfeld was based on the life of a fictionalized version of Jerry Seinfeld himself as well as those of his friends George Costanza, Elaine Benes and the erratic Cosmo Kramer. In its nearly a decade long run time, it garnered several awards including an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

It, nevertheless, remains unclear why a cement company would use a running Seinfeld on its packaging, or what it was that Seinfeld was running from. Bad quality cement, perhaps?