Celebs seemed to hate President Trump's State of the Union just as much as Melania Trump did

Heather Gardner
Video Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Tuesday, President Trump addressed the nation in his first State of the Union — and, boy, people got worked up.

From a celebrity standpoint, Trump could say nothing right from the moment he opened his mouth to speak. Many voiced their concerns on social media.

There were, however, a few celebrities who agreed with the president.

But celebrities, just like the rest of us, didn’t have the pleasure of being in the Capitol Building with a front-row seat to the speech. The best reactions came from politicians in the crowd — and Twitter noticed a few funny faces.

Viewers also noticed the face of Melania Trump. The first lady got everyone talking when she and the president arrived in separate cars, which broke White House tradition. Then she failed to stand during key moments of Trump’s speech. People on Twitter pointed out the snubs.

Overall, the president’s first State of the Union address was well received — depending on who you ask. CBS News reported that of the people who watched, 42 percent Republicans, 25 percent Democrats, and 33 percent independents, three-fourths approved of the speech. CNN, however, reported that Trump received the least positive reaction in 20 years.

No matter which side of the ratings you fall into, most will agree that the majority of Twitter failed to take the #SOTU seriously. Case in point:

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